About Me

I am an Andalusian multi-instrumentalist and music composer. My musical training path is both based on the formal study of different styles as well as on self-taught learning. I work with music and instruments from different traditions and electronic sounds. My main interest lies in the research of a creative and unique personal style, bringing together various techniques or developing new ones and adapting the instruments to new forms of playing while interacting with technology.

A strong motivation to study music has made me travel across Asia, South America, North Africa and Europe for 17 years , allowing me to learn instruments such as the morchang, morsing (and other mouth harps) harmonium, nagara, algozza, Persian santoor and African bass drum among others, and vocal techniques like dhrupad from North India, Mongolian overtone singing, qawalli, carnatic & konnakol.

The music goal I aspire to is going beyond the original features of different instruments and vocal techniques by developing new expression channels that serve both to communicate with my own being as well as with the rest of the world. The result is a deep and energetic music where rhythmic mathematics, intuition and abstraction get interlaced to become the foundation for free improvisation.