Atávisis is my first solo album, emerging as a result of my impressions after traveling around the world for 20 years studying and living the music.

I define it as "an acoustic dreamscape" in which the sounds come from some exotic instruments and other custom made, as well as ways to use the voice. Those sounds have been carefully created after a long personal work, using both traditional techniques and methods of ethnic music, as experimentation and development of new forms.

Atávisis was composed following the criteria of intuition, going deep into an inner journey, constantly navigating between abstraction and logical, flowing through contradictions in a conciliatory manner.


KHAIRKAN arises from the meeting of musicians from different musical traditions of the world, sharing a common space and creating a language that serves as a bridge between cultures.

In search of a universal language, the KHAIRKAN have done work of musical research, both out (traveling to other countries and to learn from the masters of different musical traditions, especially to Turkey, India, Senegal) as inward (working on the search for a personal style with the voice and the instruments).

The result is a powerful and spontaneous music, full of life and colors, exotic musical timbres and depth emotions, that takes the audience on a journey through unexpected places.




áNIMATóRNIL creates a musical language that comes out thanks to an open and creative attitude. Each musician plays the music that resonates with his heart, whether the tradition in which was born, or carried away by impulses that bring him to any other culture or creative way.

Moved by inspiration without being faithful to any style and committed to the creative process, áNIMATóRNIL offers a diverse and original music, a musical kaleidoscope created with original compositions.



Kontrarium is a laboratory of acoustic experimentation created in 2009 by Alain Piñero and Alejandro Urilá.

The only purpose was to open up and expand the horizons of personal expression, combining different styles and instruments such as electronics, noise, touch guitar, ethnic instruments and vocals, with visual projections that interact with music.